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Federal Environmental & Energy Pte Ltd
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Federal Environmental & Energy Pte Ltd (“FEE”), a subsidiary of Federal International (2000) Ltd, was established to invest in the growing environmental protection sector of China.  To better serve the clients from this sector, FEE set up FEE Investment & Consultancy (Shanghai) Co. Ltd as a platform to manage the project operation, as well as Federal Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd to support the Engineering, Procurement and Construction aspects of the projects.

Currently, the company has invested in Federal Environmental (Panzhihua) Co. Ltd and Federal Water (Chengdu) Co. Ltd, based on the BOO and BOT model. We have also set up representative offices in Tianjin, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Suzhou.

Emphasizing research and development, we have established a long-term collaborative relationship with the Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering Pte Ltd (IESE), a subsidiary of Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and a centre of research excellence in environmental technology (ET), on technical research.

FEE currently enjoys strong technological support from IESE on the technology platforms in Clean Energy, Marine & Resource Recovery, Water & Membrane, and Environmental Biotechnology, and is backed by the solid financial standing of its holding company. Hence, FEE is able to provide professional management services for large-scale water treatment projects, brand development and exploration of the water treatment market in China, especially in the areas of design, engineering, construction of waste water treatment related water projects, including consultancy and technology research & development.

FEE’s mission is to establish a reputation as a much-sought-after and professional environmental protection company with a prestigious portfolio and track record in investment, engineering and construction and management services.

In 2008, FEE signed an agreement with Panzhihua Fan Tai Industrial park to build a waste water treatment plant based on the Build-Own-Operate (BOO) business model. The water treatment capacity is 100,000 mt per day. The capacity for Phase 1 is 25,000 mt per day based on an investment amount of RMB150 million. Phase 1 has been completed and commissioned.

In 2009, FEE sealed another agreement with Sichuan Chengdu Xinjin county to supply tap water to its Chemical Industrial Park under the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) arrangement. The supply capacity for Phase 1 is 60,000 mt per day based on an investment of RMB50 million. Construction of the plant has begun in June 2009.

Tel:021-52358336  Fax:021-52563396  Copyright:Federal Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

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